Tourism Investment in Samsun

Samsun Governorate and its municipality own great touristy places  integrated in nature and attractive views , which is one of the most important features of touristy attractions for tourists and Arab investors.

Samsun’s Climate

Since 1929, the average annual temperature in Samsun has been 14.5 degrees Celsius. Even in August the hottest months, the average temperature in Samson is 23.5 degrees Celsius. The temperature rarely rises above 30 ° C in Samsun. The annual rainfall in Samsun is more than 717 mm and the rainfall in Samsun is more than 7-10 times higher than in the Arab countries. Snow falls for 3-5 days during the winter months, with snow remaining on the high mountain peaks for several months.

Freshwater Resources in Samsun

Samsun is rated as the first Black Sea city in terms of fresh water resources. Samsun has 13 natural freshwater lakes, all surrounded by forests and fruit trees. There are 66 rivers of small and large rivers within the boundaries of Samsun city . It also has the longest river in Turkey, which is called Kızılırmak River, with a length of 1,355 km. Fourteen large irrigation and hydropower reservoirs were built on rivers in Samsun, which affect ecotourism very positively.

In short, Samsun is a city rich in natural and fresh water resources.

Samsun’s Forest

The total area of Samsun is 9352 square kilometers, of which only 3553 square kilometers are forests. In other words, 38% of Samsun consists of forest areas. It is therefore Turkey’s richest city in terms of forest area. Samsun is the largest place for the purest oxygen reserves to be free of any pollution from the city center to its suburbs. Therefore, tourists prefer not only to be present in the city center, but to visit all the beech, elm and spruce forests scattered in the suburbs and the municipality.

Samsun’s Beaches

Samsun is characterized by its beaches free of factory waste and suitable for swimming and has five blue flags that represent the cleanliness, safety and the possibility of enjoying the individual swimming, and the most important beaches Atakum Beach, which is 17 km long and is the second longest beach in Turkey and is the first on the shores of the Black Sea.

Thermal Waters in Samsun

Turkey’s thermal waters are a major destination for tourists from China, South Korea, Japan, Russia, the United States and Germany, as well as the Middle East, where there is a thermal water resort in Samsun province in Hafza.

There is also thermal water spa (Hamamaayağı kaplıcaları) in the municipality of Ladik, which has a great effect in the treatment of several diseases including rheumatism, inflammation of the nerves, muscle stress, arthritis, neurological diseases and postoperative stress.

The world’s third-largest Olympics in Samsun

In 2017, Samsun City hosted the largest sports event in Turkey and the third in the world in the Deaflympics for having the full infrastructure to host this type of international event. This event attracted more than 100,000 participants and audience.

In Samsun, there is an international indoor ski track, covered playgrounds and swimming pools as well as other sports fields such as paragliding, windsurfing, rowing, power games, biking and other sports.