Investment consultancy

The company offers investment opportunities in various sectors, both in the commercial, industrial, tourism and real estate sectors, to suit every opportunity with the volume of investment and benefits as a result of these investments.

In real estate investment

The Corporation  provides investors who are interested to invest in the real estate with all the needed consultations through all stages, from the procedures of sensory detection and purchase at all stages and ending with the official registration, with the possibility of providing special consultations in the stages of construction and finishing of construction projects.

The most important of these services:

  • Selection of land to suit the size of investment.
  • Preparation of feasibility studies for real estate projects.
  • Selection of construction companies and architecture.
  • Direct supervision of the stages of construction and finishing.
  • Preparing marketing strategies for real estate projects.
  • Representation at local and international exhibitions for existing projects and future projects.

Commercial and industrial investment

We provide investors with solutions and advices specially designed for them in order to avoid any risk and . Through meeting the vast experience in the preparation of research and studies and in accordance with advanced analytical tools that support in providing the best investment solutions, including:

  • Prepare investment policies according to investors’ risk / revertings.
  • Develop an investment strategy.
  • Portfolio analysis and construction.
  • Create new investment opportunities.
  • Facilitating investment implementation procedures.
  • Provide research and reports targeting specific opportunities.
  • Evaluate performance in investment work.

In the field of tourism investment

Investment in the tourism sector is an important axis for the Turkish economy and its main support through developing   natural  tourist places,  encouraging investment in Turkey by offering investment opportunities to the private sector and investors from all over the world and supported by the public sector to benefit everyone.

As  the importance of investment in the field of tourism is well noticed ,Samsun Development Corporation works on developing the turism coorporating with the public sector to support investors with all the facilities necessary for the success of their tourism projects.

In addition to the following related services:

  • Creating serious opportunities for capital in tourism investment.
  • Creating and highlighting investment opportunities in the tourism fields.
  • Promote sustainable tourism development.
  • Marketing and promotion of tourism to Samsun as a major tourist destination in Turkey.
  • Work on developing the tourism product in cooperation with the public and private sectors.
  • Establishment of local and international companies to support the tourist product in Samsun and its municipalities.
  • Appraoching businessmen to invest in tourism.
  • Marketing tourism investment in Samsun province at an international level in international forums.
  • Promoting and marketing investment incentives provided by the State to attract foreign tourism investments in this field.
  • Creating and finding an encouraging environment and investment incentives through initiatives undertaken by the public sector.
  • Signing memorandums of understandings with all sectors to support tourism and investment sector.
  • Preparation of information, data, studies and statistics in the field of tourism.
  • Marketing to invest in the tourism accommodation sector, tourism services such as entertainment cities, amusement parks, shopping malls, sports clubs, sports fields and diving centers, as well as investment opportunities in the development of tourist destinations.
  • Marketing to invest in the environmental and rural lodges sector in the natural and mountainous areas of Samsun province.
  • Marketing to invest in the sectors of supporting services and complementary to the industrial, agricultural and craft tourism sector.
  • Marketing to invest in the field of tourist of all kinds of transportation.
  • Investment in the establishment of beach resorts and environmental hotels.
  • Work to upgrade and develop sea, roads and air transport services.