Investment in Samsun

It is important to be developed in the fields of education, health, industry, trade, transportation and economy for a city which is invested. In these sense Samsun is the largest and developed city in the black sea region. Being located in the centre and middle of the black sea region is a big advantage for Samsun. Samsun with its economy and population is the largest city in the Black Sea Region also the city is metropolis.

Samsun stays on the position of North; it is like a gateway between Black sea, Eastern Europe, Russia, Caucasus, Middle Asia and our country because of geographical and geopolitical position. Samsun thanks to transportation facilities and capacity of seaway, highway, and railway gain crucial importance in the fields of trade and economy. The city has advanced background in terms of airport, harbour, customs, free zone, railway and the other logistically outclass. These development capacity and potency make the city special.

According to address-based population registration system, 2013, Samsun’s population is 1.261.810. This rate is 1.8 percent of the total population in Turkey.* Connection from Ankara to Black Sea Region supply with highway over the Samsun. These roads connect Sinop in the west and on the east Ordu, Giresun, Trabzon, Rize, Artvin. The biggest airport is in Samsun across the Black Sea Region.

Kızılırmak and Yesilırmak (Red River and Green River) disembogue into Black Sea passing through the Samsun. Rivers of Mert, Kurtun, Karabogaz, Afalı, Elmalı, Taflan, Cecil, Egirdere, Addal, Buyuklu, Kirazlık, Sabanoglu, Kor, Azot, Tekkekoy, Hıdırellez, Balcalı, Yılanlı located in Samsun and its town.

Underground treasure like row materials of manganese, brick, limestone, natural stone, tile, cement and geothermal resources exist throughout the Samsun. However, only limestone, natural stone, brick and tile exist limited amount within the boundaries of Samsun.

Unlike the past, In Samsun is done deep-sea fishing. Fisherman use radar and modern equipped big fishing boat by sailing. Most hunted fishes are anchovy, saurel, bonito, loufer and grey mullet. From October, anchovy hunted generally coastal region. Bonito hunted on September and October, loufer hunted on September, nearly all year round grey mullet can found.