It is important to develop for a city to be real estate investment in terms of transportation, population, economy, commerce, education, health and security.

All requests of investors about this factor are found in Samsun. In the following year, Samsun will develop pretty logistically with Logistic City Project which is under construction.

Transportion Infrastructure in Samsun

A city to be invested must be developed in all transportation opportunity. Real estate investments with convenient location and accessibility gain more value.  Samsun is the most developed city in terms of transportation in the Black Sea Region. Also Samsun is one of the rare cities in Turkey, which used all transportation opportunities highway, seaway, railway and airport. Samsun with this aspect is unique city in the Black Sea Region.

HIGHWAY: Samsun is located over the Istanbul-Trabzon highway and nearly equal distance. Connection between Samsun and other cities provide with highway as quality as freeway. So, this highway gives to drivers an opportunity for comfortable, fast and secure driving.

Transportation By Highway

From Where To WhereDistanceTime
SAMSUN-IST  736 km 8 hour 7 min.
TRABZON-IST    1.095 km13 hour 6 min.
SAMSUN-ANKARA420 km4 hour 13 min.
TRABZON-ANKARA768 km9 hour 40 min.

AIRWAY: In Samsun, Carsamba Airport has international capacity which is the biggest airport in the Black Sea Region. Accessibility of Samsun is quite easy for foreign tourists and investors. Carsamba Airport is 27 km distance from Samsun City Centre. Thanks to newly completed bridge freeway drivers uninterruptedly get access from the Airport to city centre only in 22 minute. Every passing day, the Airport attracts attention with increasing number of passenger. According to 2016 data almost 900 thousand passengers used the Airport. However according to only June, 2017 data is became almost 800 thousand. This means passenger traffic increased one hundred percent when compared to the last year. Samsun is the centre of interest for both domestic and foreign tourists also investors.

SAMSUN-IST  618 km 1 hour 5 min.
TRABZON-IST893 km1 hour 41 min.
SAMSUN-ANKARA330 km55 min.
TRABZON-ANKARA579 km1 hour 22 min.

RAILWAY: Samsun connected with railway to Ankara and Istanbul thus producer goods can transfer in every time freely and economically. Also construction of high-speed rail line will completed within the next years. Thus the distance between Samsun and Ankara will be 1.5 hour. It is predicted that price of land and residence in Samsun is going to appreciate at least twenty percent with starting-up high speed rail line. Trabzon, the second biggest city after Samsun in the Black Sea Region, hasn’t railway therefore, Samsun come to forefront in the field of trade.

SEAWAY: Samsun has the next biggest port after Istanbul. Thanks to high capacity port and tax-exempt free zone all raw materials and outputs easily and economically transfer to all world by sea. With the last investment by done Samsun Metropolitan Manipulate, is built new wharf for cruisers came into port. Also 3 ship give service to provide inner-city transportation and for a tour.