Information About Samsun

Samsun Population

Another important issue for a city to be invested is population, in recent years. Because all economic data especially labour force and sales potential are shaped according to population. When we looked the world, we can see that developed cities have crowded population. So total population and population growth rate of a city shows that this city’s investment growth. Samsun with 1.261.810 population is the biggest city in the Black Sea Region, also in Turkey, it is the sixteenth order. Samsun is receiving migration from Turkey’s several cities especially from Trabzon and this way population is gradually increase. Samsun is a growing city every passing day.


 Samsun Economy

Thanks to geopolitical position, Samsun is an important gateway between Turkey and Europe also Russia. Samsun port enable to first hand trade to Russia and Europe which is population over 300 million. Samsun which is centre of the Black Sea Region according to transportation and position is a leader city thanks to powerful economic, commercial and industry infrastructure.

Samsun stated between two important lowlands. This situation makes the city special across the world. The Turkey’s largest rivers, Kızılırmak and Yesilırmak, disembogued in Samsun provincial boarders. Thanks to this rivers Samsun has one of the most fertile soil across the Turkey. Samsun has all n necessity factors to do agriculture. In Samsun, agriculture and agro-industry investment is potentially continued.

Kızılırmak River disembogues from Bafra in Samsun provincial boarders.

Total cultivated area is 432.718 hectare in Samsun. Bafra has 67.787 hectare and Carsamba has 54.041 hectare cultivated area. 62 percent of total cultivated area is irrigable land.

Thanks to Bafra and Carsamba lowland which have large and small irrigable project, dam, pond and irrigation land potential make the city powerful in terms of agricultural infrastructure.