Samsun Development co. ltd. is one of the experienced and modernist companies of construction industry in Samsun, which has given service in the field of construction industry since 2006. Up to now, on the completed projects, totally 71.745 square-meter (s-m) construction area is completed. These include 67.400 s-m residential areas and 4.345 s-m office areas. In 2006, construction works started as Anka Konut co. ltd.  With the increasing interest of foreign investors (especially Arabian) the company became Samsun Development co. ltd.

Primary goal of Samsun Development co. ltd is to become prominent company in Samsun in the field of sale real estate to the outland. In line with this purpose, the company has one apiece connection and sales office in Sheraton Grand Samsun Hotel and Anemon Hotel which are the biggest and luxurious hotels in Samsun. Also the company employs personnel known English and Arabic to fulfil the property demands of investors and tourists.

Soner DURSUN, company founder and general manager, has been decade-long management and marketing in pharmaceutical industry. He maintain his knowledge and skills in construction industry by giving priority to the representation of Samsun on the national and international platform and this way Samsun become a trademark.